Financial Arrangements

Financial matters can be some of the most important issues to discuss when a relationship breaks down.

You may need to discuss the family home, payment of the mortgage, household contents, bank accounts, savings, pensions, maintenance and child maintenance. As is always the case with mediation, the actual items to be discussed will depend on your personal circumstances.

When considering issues our mediators will help you to:

  • Agree the nature and extent of the matrimonial assets;
  • Identify any areas of disagreement, or complex matters which need more detailed investigation;
  • Agree your financial priorities;
  • Consider all options available to you in order to achieve your preferred outcomes;
  • Agree proposals acceptable to both of you.

In the course of the mediation process you will each need to give the other full and frank information about your respective financial positions.

As our mediators are all solicitor-mediators, you can be assured that you will receive the best guidance possible regarding the options available to you both. Your mediator will always recommend that you seek independent legal advice about any proposals before a settlement is concluded, should you wish to.

To find out more about how our mediation services can help, please contact us.

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