The cost of each initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is charged at £99 (inclusive of VAT).

The mediation sessions themselves usually last for one and a half hours. On average, between two and four sessions are likely to be needed, to cover the matters important to you.

The payment of mediation fees is made at the end of the session, by whatever means is most convenient for you. The costs are usually shared equally between you and your partner; however, you can agree to divide the costs in any other way you choose.

Our costs will be confirmed to you when you speak with our mediators. All fees will be quoted well in advance of any sessions or meetings taking place.

Mediation costs per person are potentially much cheaper than the costs of paying a solicitor to resolve your issues through traditional channels, which can involve considerable legal correspondence and possibly court proceedings.

If you require further information about the cost of our mediation services in York and Boroughbridge, please contact us.

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