Child Arrangement Matters

Issues surrounding most children matters can be resolved through mediation. They can include:

  • Where the children will live, and with which parent;
  • Contact arrangements between the children and the parents;
  • Holiday contact, including Christmas and Birthdays;
  • Child Maintenance;
  • Issues surrounding the parenting of the children;
  • Extended families and step-families.

Whilst the points above provide an idea of the most common children issues in mediation, the list is not exhaustive. At Hethertons, our mediators recognise that every family is different. We understand that you may wish to discuss matters that are very specific to you and your family.

As separated parents, mediation can help you to successfully:

  • Remember that your child/children are not the reason for the breakdown of your relationship;
  • The adult issues between you and your former partner are separate from your child/children;
  • Identify issues you need to address regarding your children;
  • Focus on the best interests of your child/children at all times, whilst coming to an agreement that works for you all;
  • Make your own decisions regarding your child/children. Ensure that it is not left to the courts to make these decisions for you.

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